​​​​​Ambitious Single Mothers, Inc

Educational Guidance

Looking to obtain a higher education and not sure of how? Skeptical about taking out loans? Well, we have the resources available to help you. ​

Financial Guidance Program 

We offer assistance in getting your finances in order to live financially comfortable. 

Housing Assistance

(Coming Soon)

Whether you are starting out fresh for your first apartment or looking to move into your first home, we can help. Priority is first come first serve basis as well as the base of need. 

Child Sitting Care Assistance

Services are available in given circumstances. Inquire inside

Family Mentoring/Counseling Program 

This is a program is proven to assist single mothers as well as their children in getting results maintaining to establishing and accomplishing goals while overcoming the many challenges of life.  Your commitment paired it with our expertise and support is proven to get the outstanding results.

Employment Restoration

Offering our career coaches to assist you in finding and landing the job of your choice. Such service consist of resume tailoring, interviewing tips and tips and ongoing support in keeping the job to name a few.  

Supporting you through it all!


Enhancing the single mother community, through support, encouragement, Motivation and inspiration.